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Rakaia road and rail bridges
Rakaia road and rail bridges

Tinwald Domain
Tinwald Domain, Ashburton

Waimakariri River Mouth, Canterbury
The Waimakariri River Mouth, Canterbury

Building the new Ashley River Bridge, Canterbury
Building the new Ashley Bridge, Canterbury


  • Have you ever wanted to see what your house, your street or your town looks like from the air?

  • Do you want your own personal photo or video that you have planned, hoped for and longed to create?

  • Would you like a unique view of your wedding? Family functions or public events

  • Are you selling a house or property?

  • Would you like a photo/video of that favourite camp spot?


For all your aerial needs... call us!


$40 per hour for travel time and onsite. Trip mileage is priced at 60 cents per km. Drone footage and editing is $380.

Take as many High Resolution photos as you wish in that time. Or take Full HD video for the whole period or have a mixture of photos and video. The choice is yours... we only operate the drone and the camera. You can see what the camera sees from a screen on the ground.You can even watch the screens during the flight to ensure we're getting the footage you desire!

We will travel anywhere at the clients cost. Free travel around Kaiapoi, Rangiora and the greater Christchurch areas.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse to fly into unsafe positions or areas that we consider private... such as snooping on the neighbours etc! 





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